Creative Direction Services


Canon Legria

Services: Lost ‘Brand Movie’, 3 min screenwriting/ dialogue and copy. see the movie


Elgas - Jingle lyrics

Services: Jingle lyrics, Brand direction, tag lines, 2011 radio and TV spots.


Bonnington’s Irish Moss

Services: Radio spots.


Cool Charm

Services: Print Campaign


Naughty G

Services: Energy Supplement Drink, TV spots


Sothern Phone

Services: Creative Direction, Direct Responce TV Campaign. Link



Services: Creative Direction, CSA. Link

Creative Director

With experience across a range of productions and a background in advertising - Kim is often approached to develop creative concepts from the earliest stage.

Kim has creative directed stills shoots, print ads, radio spots, web films, concepts for events and multiple categories of Television Commercials. Creative direction may include everything from taking the brief, forming the principal idea to fits with the strategy, copywriting and overseeing all stages of production.

A strong organizing idea can be disseminated widely across digital domain, TV ads, viral campaigns, or developed into branded entertainment.

Clients have said, "We asked for one idea and you came back with several great useable ideas."

We understand that creative concepts may need to be doable with parameters of resources and time.

A good creative director knows how to creatively stretch within these bounds. This is how to grow small clients into big ones.