Feature Film Projects - Kim has a number of projects in various stages of development.

Over the last eighteen months, Kim, has been co-writing (with Simon Bennetts) an independent scale feature film script.

“We want to take the audience on a ride and the film to be unpredictable and enthralling. The scripting stage is where we can do the most to ensure it. My co-writer and I have been relentlessly rewriting to hone this story.”

The project has limited speaking parts and location changes. It involves a highly motivated central character in a constant state of conflict as he struggles to unravel a mystery, in the face of increasing opposition and physical adversity. It is has scares, action, drama, laughs and a tortured romance at its core.

“It's all under wraps until we have got the script so tight you can bounce coins off it.”

The screenplay is also being transformed into a Graphic novel by master animator Dwayne Labbe.

‘I am really fired up about this story but I don’t want to let the steam out of it buy talking about it. At this stage all we are telling anyone is the working title, I = Zmb “

Announcements about the project (plus the opportunity to purchase t-shirts & caps) will happen here on this website.

Contact Kim about providing professional script writing advice and editing notes from him or his team.